Level10 is a detective and responsive cyber secure code platform covering OWSAP top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project)

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 - “Take the money you’re spending on prevention and begin to drive it more equitably to detection and response”

Level10 platform targeted to fit the majority of clients including B2B, B2B2C, SMB, E-Commerce, Financial and Banking, Education, and so forth. The market needs created a new security product segments with huge potential to develop and explore. Value proposition and critical security issues for generic components developed by Level10 are considered. These include configurability, security provisioning, detection and trust, compatibility, automation and reuse of processes.

On the services side, the emergence of specialized managed detection and response (MDR) services is a threat to traditional managed security service providers MSSPs. The rising number of point solutions in the security market that address detection and response is creating sprawl and manageability issues for CISOs and security managers, driving spending for management platforms and services that are better integrated with adjacent markets. These new segments encompass thousands or even millions of users.

Throughout the years, several technological solutions presented to offer better cyber protection. These solutions are limited due to main parameters such as lack of involving code security life cycle into development life cycle, limited technologies, old fashion infrastructures and methodologies and high price.

Level10 platform can fit into these market segments in such a way that is offering innovative advantages including technologies and methodologies along with market trends and needs and it has the ability to integrate into existing systems or act as a new standalone system.